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Buy Single Hung Windows in Basking Ridge, Morristown and Madison, NJ

Single hung windows from D&E Window and Door combine the tasteful design of traditional architectural principles with modern materials and craftsmanship techniques to provide local Basking Ridge, Morristown and Madison, NJ, residents with exceptional window efficiency, durability and long-term performance. The unmatched value and versatility of classic single hung windows makes this frame design ideal for any building style or residential or commercial application.

With the personal attention of the window design and installation team at D&E Window and Door, local New Jersey homeowners can expect customized products and installation solutions, the highest quality single hung windows and cost-effective services.

Stand Out With Stunning Single Hung Window Replacements

Single hung windows are among the most popular, traditional window installation option for homeowners, offering unmatched value and versatility to a home with their simply elegant design suitable for any architectural style.

Designed for flexible and easy use, single hung windows feature a single bottom sash allowing the bottom panel of glass to smoothly move up and down within the window frame while the top sash remains in place. Single hung windows can be designed with extra stylistic features like arched tops or specialty frame shapes for added natural lighting, drama and personality.

Benefits of Classic Single Hung Windows

Why have single hung window designs remained a favorite window replacement option for homeowners? In addition to their space-saving design and straightforward construction — this frame is easy and convenient to operate — single hung windows also have the following benefits:

  • Reliable Security: Single hung windows only have one locking mechanism along the bottom sash, so there are less locked access points that could unexpectedly fail and allow forced entry. It's also easier for homeowners to monitor and manage the single lock.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: With only one operable sash versus multiple opening points, single hung windows are more energy efficient than alternative window frame designs because they limit the exchange of indoor and outdoor air flow. With less air filtration, homeowners can expect to see lower utility costs.
  • Reduced Installation Cost: For homeowners needing to update their home to modernize their curb appeal or improve security and performance, single hung windows are the most effective and budget-friendly window replacement option. With fewer moving parts than its double hung counterpart, single hung windows are much more cost-efficient.

Buy Single Hung Windows From New Jersey's Premier Window Specialists

While single hung designs begin as a simple frame with only the one vertical sash, single hung windows are highly customizable and can be upgraded with several color, shape and finishing options to suit your home's architectural inspiration.

Single hung windows are often available in the following styles:

  • Eyebrow: The eyebrow shape features a curved top frame edge that resembles the slight angle of a brow.
  • Arch: This classic window shape has a rounded half-circle at the top of the window's frame to create a softer appeal.
  • Gothic: For a more dramatic look, Gothic shapes mimic the rounded top of an arched window, but have a less circular shape and starker angle.
  • Specialty Shapes: To have a bolder look, single hung windows can be customized in several geometric shapes.

At D&E Door and Window, we work closely with several trusted, top-rated window manufacturers — including Wincore Windows and Doors, Winco Windows and Graham Architectural Products — to ensure we provide our customers with special single hung windows that fit your specific design and quality standards.

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When you need budget-friendly, attractive single hung window installations and replacements for your Basking Ridge, Morristown or Madison, NJ, home, reach out to the window installation experts at D&E Window and Door. For more than 24 years, we've been dedicated to providing residents with the highest quality products with proven durability, efficiency and beautiful, lasting beautiful finishes.

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