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Are you a homeowner who enjoys the look and tradition of classic building and decor materials, but need to upgrade your home with modern, more dependable improvements? At D&E Window and Door, we have the most extensive selection of attractive, quality composite windows throughout the Basking Ridge, NJ, area that blend the best elements of beautiful, natural wood windows with contemporary construction materials to achieve superior window performance.

More local Madison, Morristown and Basking Ridge homeowners are buying composite windows because of their versatility. Composite windows are specially crafted from a fusion of materials to create a complete, solid look, but with the combined benefits of several construction materials. These windows are ideal for homeowners who like the look of wood windows but desire the performance, durability and low-maintenance of alternative window materials like vinyl or fiberglass.

There are several different methods for composite window construction:

  • Some manufacturers design a wood interior that is completely covered with a vinyl or fiberglass exterior.
  • For a more blended appearance, other composite window designs have a wood interior, with the natural materials facing the inside of the home, with a vinyl or fiberglass cladding on the exterior of the home.

Benefits of Buying Composite Windows for Your New Jersey Home

With composite windows for your home, you can combine the best elements of wood, vinyl and fiberglass construction into one attractive, effective product. The overall benefits of buying composite windows include:

  • Better Energy Efficiency: The construction of composite windows reduces overall air infiltration, including insulated window glass and tight frame seals to greatly improve efficiency performance. Wood windows also have better thermal properties that allow for exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Improved Strength and Durability: Wood windows can be damaged by seasonal and temperature changes that can lead to rotting, warping, expansion and contraction — this not only affects the look of the window but will also significantly reduce its quality and effectiveness. With a vinyl or fiberglass overlay, the wood is better protected, and homeowners will have less annual window maintenance tasks to perform.
  • Low-Maintenance Construction: With its vinyl cladding, the wood interior of composite windows won’t need the standard routine maintenance associated with wood frames like regular sanding, scraping, painting and coating that keeps the wood frames in pristine condition.
  • Design Variety: With the combination of wood and vinyl construction, manufacturers can offer homeowners more diverse styling options. Composite windows are available in multiple colors and can be customized to suit any home’s aesthetic needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: For homeowners concerned with staying eco-friendly, they can rest assured that composite windows are crafted using the most effective methods and use less energy to create than alternative window materials. Composite windows can also be manufactured using recycled materials and can be easily recycled at the end of their lifespans.

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