What Type of Windows Do I Need for My Home?

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Windows are a crucial contributor to your home’s everyday comfort. They allow peaceful natural lighting into your space, control indoor environments and improve the overall look and feel of your home — but over time, do you ever need to replace them? With recent manufacturer improvements, homeowners can now replace their dated, inefficient windows with specially designed options to improve home safety and security, increase their home’s energy efficiency, raise the home’s value and improve curb appeal.

Types of Window Replacements

With so many window replacement selections available, the wide range of designs and construction options can be intimidating for many homeowners. Two popular residential window types include:

  • Single hung windows: Crafted from two separate sashes, a single hung window is opened by sliding the bottom sash up and over a stationary panel.
  • Double hung windows: Double hung windows have a similar construction to single hung alternatives, but both the lower and upper sashes can be opened for optimal airflow and versatility.

Window Replacement Materials

After determining which window design works best for your daily needs, you’ll have to choose a material to craft your windows. The right window materials can perfectly accentuate your home’s existing architecture, affect your home’s energy efficiency and determine your window’s maintenance needs and longevity. Common window materials include:

  • Wood frames: A traditional choice, wood adds a warm, classic appeal and offers great home insulation in both warm and cool temperatures. While they add a natural aesthetic boost to your home’s exterior, wood frames will regularly require paint and specialty coating applications to prevent damages.
  • Vinyl frames: Vinyl is the most popular window material for modern homeowners — vinyl windows are cost-effective, virtually maintenance-free, energy efficient, durable and can be easily customized to suit your personal design tastes.

For Quality Replacement Windows, Trust D&E Window and Door

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