What to Look for in Replacement Windows

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Searching for replacement windows for your home can seem overwhelming — with today’s technology and construction improvements, you can choose from a wide variety of design materials, colors, styles and glass options. Fortunately, selecting new windows can be simple when you determine your daily needs, performance expectations and budget. By considering the following criteria, you can easily choose new windows that will improve your home’s energy efficiency, add value and modernize the appearance and functionality of your space.

Window Designs

When you’re browsing replacement windows, you’ll find a variety of designs to choose from, but what’s the difference? Of the large selection of window styles available today, the two most common types are:

  • Single hung windows: A single hung option is made with two sashes, but only the bottom panel opens. It slides vertically over the top sash.
  • Double hung windows: Double hung windows also have a two-sash construction, but both sashes are able to open and close.

Frame Construction Materials

Today, homeowners have a wide selection of different replacement options to choose from, all intended to give you variety and superior performance. Wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass are the most common window frame construction materials widely available today, all offering different benefits and drawbacks:

  • Fiberglass windows are typically more costly, but they’ll require little maintenance over their lifespans.
  • Vinyl frames are less expensive and offer design variety.
  • Wood frames are a traditional option with good insulation qualities, but they’ll need regular maintenance to ensure long-lasting quality.

Energy-Efficient Options

Improving energy efficiency throughout your home is a top priority, and having new and updated window designs is a great solution for saving on annual energy costs and establishing a more comfortable indoor environment. For superior energy-efficient windows, consider upgrading your current windows to vinyl materials. Unlike outdated aluminum window frames, vinyl won’t allow for easy temperature transference between the indoor and outdoors and won’t rot, deteriorate or warp like wood alternatives.

For the best results, find vinyl replacement windows crafted from unplasticized PVC for improved impact resistance and resilience against contraction and expansion. Also, search for window replacement glass with a low U-value, a number that indicates how much heat is lost through the window — the lower the number, the less heat lost overall.

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