Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Home Windows

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When was the last time you inspected the quality and condition of your home’s windows? Aging windows can make your home feel dated and drab, negatively affect your energy efficiency, impact your safety and security and reduce your home’s market value. While you know old and inefficient windows can reduce your home’s overall comfort and aesthetic value, how can you easily determine when you could benefit from home window replacements?

When to Replace Your Home’s Windows

Deciding when to replace your home’s windows can be simple if you note the following issues:

  • Rising energy costs: When you’re standing near your windows, do you notice an uncomfortable draft? These drafts are not only inconvenient, but they also let out your home’s warm or cool air, making your heating and cooling system work harder and driving up your annual energy costs. Replacement windows with better construction materials and glass upgrades can help to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Indoor condensation buildup: During temperature fluctuations and storms, condensation buildup on the inside of your window panes indicates a problem with your windows. This condensation is often caused by cracks in your window’s glass or indicates problems with your window seals that could worsen over time, allowing water intrusion and reducing your energy efficiency.
  • Difficulty opening or closing: If your window is difficult to open or refuses to stay open, it’s time to consider replacement. Windows that won’t open or close properly could pose a personal health and safety risk. Also, check that your window’s locks still operate properly — ineffective locks could raise a safety risk or prevent the window from forming a tight seal when it’s closed, which can allow moisture intrusion and reduce efficiency.
  • Damaged or warped frames: With age and constant exposure to the elements, it’s common for window frames to become damaged, start warping or sag. These damages can affect your home’s indoor comfort or the window’s effectiveness.
  • Window design is dated: Even if you don’t use your windows often, they’re a main aesthetic feature on the exterior of your home. Dated or damaged windows can reduce your home’s curb appeal, and with new windows, you can update your home to enhance its architecture and match your personal tastes. New window designs are available in a variety of colors, materials and styles to suit any preferences.

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